Pastors Greeting

Pastors Greeting
Greeting in the precious name of Jesus Christ!

We are so thankful that you decided to visit our ministry. We value your visits, thoughts, and input and we would welcome you and yours to visit with us in person. Hopefully, you will see us as a place to bring your family and to become partners and participants in this ministry. 

We are a ministry that Love’s the Lord Jesus Christ, sees ourselves as a place you can get used to and where you find yourself being richly and royally blessed. We are a church where God is sovereign, Jesus is Lord, and where the Spirit of God is at liberty to minister to His people. It is also a place where we believe that everybody is somebody.

Take a closer look! We pray you will be richly and tremendously blessed as you explore our ministry further. We trust that you will find yourself saying, yes, Christian Faith Assembly – that’s a Church where I can stand to be blessed and blessed abundantly!
Rev. Dr. Maurice Randolph Sr.
Senior Pastor/Teacher/Friend