Ministerial Staff

Minister Naomi Threadgill


Naomi Threadgill was raised in a Christian home by her parents, Deacon Jerry and Deaconess Crystal Watson, where she was nurtured in the ways of Christ and how to live a life on purpose for Him.  She accepted Christ at an early age and has been active in God’s service since that time.  Naomi has been a member of Christian Faith Assembly since the age of 2 and faithfully serves along with her husband Elder Damian Threadgill and their son, Devin under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Apostle Maurice Randolph, and The Late Assistant Pastor, Reverend Dr. Kathleen Harris.
As a youth, Naomi took part in several areas of ministry.  She could be seen singing in the choir, serving as worship leader on many youth Sundays, reading scripture and doing announcements just to name a few.  As she grew, she had the opportunity to serve as a youth leader.  All of her prior ministry experiences and training shaped her into a key team member and an eventual leader in the music and arts ministries at Christian Faith Assembly.  Naomi currently serves as the facilitator of the Marriage Builders Ministry with her husband, Elder Threadgill and loves to encourage couples to learn all they can to build better marriages.
Naomi sensed from her youth that the Lord had something for her to do for Him.  There were things that she used to face as a child that lead her to believe that God was leading her life.   Consequently, in August of 2008, Naomi heard the voice of the Lord calling her into ministry and in September of 2008, she decided to give God a “yes” through tears.   Naomi understands that stepping into ministry is a call greater than anything she has to offer.   She also recognizes that she is just becoming a greater servant to the Lord and to His people.   She truly believes that as you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart.