Ministerial Staff

Minister Esther Y. Turner


Esther Y. Turner has been a member of Christian Faith Assembly, Hainesport NJ for over 20 years where she currently serves on the Ministerial Staff.  She also holds the position of Job Placement Coordinator/Facilitator, to help those who are unemployed both in the church and in the community.  She has formerly served as Administrator, Director of Church Growth Ministries, and President of Total Women Ministry.   She has organized, coordinated and headed numerous Women’s Retreats and Seminars, both nationally and internationally. 
Esther is a foreign missionary and travels to Uganda, fostering the care of disadvantaged children, women and men in numerous Villages.  She has also traveled to Tanzania and partnered with missionaries from Kenya to do God’s work.  During her tour to Uganda, she ministers the word of God and teaches children and women the value of developing good character, integrity, a positive attitude, self-esteem, leadership qualities and humility.  Esther expresses her love and compassion for all people and she assists in providing opportunities for schools, clinics, and other resources needed to educate the people in these countries. 
She graduated from the Word of Grace School of Ministry, Lumberton NJ in September 2008 after completing theological and biblical studies. She completed a BA Theological program at the Word of Grace School of Theology receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology, June 2013.  Esther also holds a Masters Degree in Business.